Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tenby Male Choir – Terry to Spend More Time with his Family

Long serving choir Chairman Terry Evans handed over the reins to incoming chairman Paul Varallo at the AGM on Tuesday December 8th. Terry joined the choir only a very short time after it was formed and so is almost a founder member. This was some forty years ago and in that time Terry has served the choir in many capacities not least as Chairman for six years.

Terry has been a very dependable and hands on chairman always ready to get his hands dirty if there was a job which needed doing but for which there was no one available.

In the last year, an especially busy one for the choir as it was our fortieth anniversary we had a huge concert programme with 31 concerts in all including four very special gala concerts where we invited other distant and local choirs plus the Manchester based Integra brass band and award winning Goodwick Brass band. There were outdoor events at Saundersfoot, Cresswell Quay, Lawrenny, Pembroke Castle (where we were supported by Only Men Aloud!!), Hotel concerts in the Giltar Hotel and numerous concerts in aid of a wide spread of local and international charities.

It started with the St David’s Day concert on 1st March and finished with four concerts in a week in Malta on our anniversary tour at the end of October. So we had eight hard, but always enjoyable, months.

In his handover speech Terry gave credit to the hard work of all of the committee and especially the Secretary David Stewart-Walvin and Treasurer David Blackmore. He also thanked our musical team of Director Ian “Wilbur” Williams and Accompanist Jill “no relation” Williams.

"Outgoing Chairman - Terry Evans"

Musical Director Ian then gave his view of the year from a musical perspective and complimented the choir for their efforts both in terms of hard work, improvement and also attendance at rehearsals and concerts alike.

So it was the job of new Chairman Paul Varallo to look forward and stated that he was “honoured to have been appointed as Chairman of this wonderful choir” He expressed his hope to build on the success that we have had under Terry's stewardship and looked forward to the challenges of 2016 with optimism saying “We're a good choir and I'm confident that with the choristers and the music team we have, we will only get better.”

"Incoming Chairman - Paul Varallo"

The committee was elected with founder member Tom Pearce as Vice-Chairman whilst David Stewart-Walvin as secretary and David Blackmore as treasurer will continue in those posts for the coming year. Other committee members are Geoff Horton-Jones, Ken Fryer, David James, Roger Stephens, Charlie McFee, and Terry Evans [Automatic as Past Chairman]

The choir begins a short Xmas break following a Xmas get together at our headquarters in the Tenby and County Club but will return on January 5th to begin a new year.
Having mentioned a number of people during the year who have given their time to the choir we would also like to express our thanks to our regular supporters and to many other people in the Tenby area who support our concerts and make it all worthwhile. A Happy Xmas to you all with special good wishes to one of our oldest members who has not been able to attend this year, Bobby Turnbull.

"Bobby Turnbull"

In mentioning above that we have had very good attendance at rehearsals and concerts this demonstrates what enjoyment singing provides. If it did not then attendances and membership would slip away but this is not the case. We have a number of new members this year including some younger ones making our membership just about 50 now but there is always room for more. .
If you would like to come and join us then look at our website www.tenbymalechoir.org or Facebook account (just do an internet search for Tenby Male Choir Facebook).

Alternatively our secretary David Stewart-Walvin is always glad to receive a phone call from interested people on 01834 844926.